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Reduce incidents at your company!

Safe-R provides real-time information on safety violations at your company.
With Safe-R you are able to intervene immediately and prevent accidents. 

Safe-R check question, dashboard and analytics

Increase the safety of your employees now!

Active Accident Prevention

Safe-R informs you actively about unsafe situations. You immediately receive notifications so you can act to prevent accidents and casualties.

Safe-R notifications
Safe-R checks overview and analytics

Real-Time Information

Safe-R supports you with real-time information and overview. With the dashboard you can see which vehicles are inspected and what their safety score is. 

Damaged vehicles can be repaired more quickly. Resulting in less downtime.

Movement Sensor

Safe-R can be used together with our movement sensor. If a vehicle starts to move without a completed or with a failed check, you will be informed immediately. With our movement sensor you get even more control to prevent accidents.

Safe-R IOT sensor

Get back in control and reduce the number of casualties!

Happy employees

Safe employees are happy employees. Your employees will feel safe, be more happy and thus more productive.

Prevent costs

Employees unable to work, damaged vehicles and incident handling all cost money. Reduce those costs by taking safety seriously.

Less downtime

Every incident with a vehicle means downtime. By preventing incidents actively you are reducing the vehicle downtime.


Do you need to be in line with company or EU regulations? Why not make this easy? No more paperwork! Alle information at the tip of your finger.

No bad publicity

Every accident is bad for the company reputation. Prevent bad publicity by preventing bad accidents.


As all Oliver products, Safe-R is easy-to-use. No manual or training needed! Your employees can start using it right away.